Monday, February 26, 2007

My M&M Personality

When it comes to stuff like this, I just can't resist. If I were an M&M, this is what I would look like! In my M&M life, I am a princess with attitude.


I found out I did not get the part-time position that I was hoping for, but that's okay. I have an offer for an admin position at a school district in VT. After visiting the one and only day care center near there tomorrow, I will need to either accept or decline. In addition to this offer, I interviewed for another HR position in West Lebanon, NH this afternoon. I thought it went well, but you just never know.

Today was a good day for Timmy. He was happy - the cranky monster that took over his body left. I switched his morning routine this morning - he went from having a sippy of milk in bed with mommy first thing, to going downstairs and sitting in his high chair with his sippy and a bowl of cheerios. It was not traumatic for either of us. I actually think it made for a better start to our day. My goal tomorrow will be to get up before he does and shower - then it will be an even better start to the day.

I was nominated for bad mom of the year when I dropped him off at my friend's house this afternoon. I should have known that she would be playing outside with her kids. I forgot to pack his snowsuit, boots and mittens. We had to borrow snow pants, but played in just our cotton "first layer" gloves and regular shoes. Next time, mommy will do better and remember such necessary objects! Daddy picked him up from the babysitter's house this afternoon. Timmy got to ride in "Daddy's big truck," which was apparently very exciting. I guess it would be when all you are used to seeing is the back of a headrest and the view out the side window. Looking out the front window has got to be a whole new world for him. Now, I fear, that going into Mommy's ole car is going to be boring.


Eva said...

Oh, you're not a bad mommy for THAT. Loving, wonderful moms around the world have done much sillier things than that and their kids turn out just fine. :) Just ask Teleshia about her hubby's mom and the gum she gave her kids on the airplane trip.

You are a great mom!!

Oh, The Joys said...

When I told my pediatrician's office that I was a bad mom, the Doctor said, "Aren't we all!"