Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Musings

All day yesterday, I was battling with a headache. I took excedrin migraine in the morning, which seemed to help a bit - but it was still there in the background. We went to our friends' house last night for a small gathering. While there, the headached came back to the front and center - so I took more excedrin. Anyone who knows me knows that I am hyper-sensitive to caffeine. Well, excedrin has caffeine in it - so guess what??? I paid for that excedrin and was up until 1:30am! YIKES!!! Since we were out last night, Timmy was up about 1.5 hours past his bed time. He didn't go to bed until about 9:00, so I expected him to sleep late - nope, not a chance. Go figure - the one night I can't seem to fall asleep - he's up early!

Timmy and I went off to church this morning - only to find out there was no nursery available. Arghhhh! (welcome to chruch in NH - you're lucky if you can find one with a nursery.) I sat with Timmy in the sanctuary, just hoping we could make it through a good portion of the service. We made it through 15 minutes. I left with everything but his sippy cup - the sippy cup stayed in the pew. Darn it - another one lost.

Following that - it was a day of laundry, cleaning the floors, cooking a roast and baking cookies. We also battled with the little man throwing - throwing all sorts of things (he's not particular in what he throws). We have tried talking to him nicely, loudly, sternly; we have tried swatting him, taking the object away, and giving him a time out. Nothing is working. Just what do we have to do to make this throwing stop??? I am at my wits end when it comes to this.

All in all - it was a good day. Tomorrow starts a new week, which always makes me feel hopeful because it is a clean week full of new promises.

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