Monday, March 12, 2007

The Glory of a New Day

What a blessing it was to wake up and see the sun rise this morning. It was a beautiful sunrise of pinks and purples! I stopped in awe and gave thanks to the Lord for the beauty in His creation. The day went on to be a glorious day all around. The weather was fantastic, so we played outside this afternoon. We took a walk, and Timmy splashed in each and every puddle we came across. What a joy it was to watch him taking part in that simple pleasure!

Thankfully, we are all better now. The illnesses that had us down last week have subsided. Now we are moving on to little projects around the house that still need to be taken care of. We have lived in our new house for 6 months now - Can you imagine that we still don't have a toilet paper holder in our master bath??? Things like that need to be done, so we are making a list and scratching it off. When I say we, it breaks down like this: I help make the list and Todd does the things!

Tomorrow we are off in search of an Easter outfit for Timmy. I have been seeing them in the stores for weeks now, but have resisted buying one for financial reasons. Yesterday when I was ready to look for one, there wasn't a single 3T to be seen! Why does this seem to happen to me on a regular basis? Quite personally, I think it's a conspiracy against me. The stores always know what size Timmy is and they stock very few items in that size! Okay, maybe not - but it makes me feel better when I think that way. I will say this, however, why is the boy section a third of the size of the girl section? Why don't I have more to choose from? Clothing makers should understand that it is usually the female caretaker that is purchasing the clothes for the little boy. In most cases, we are no longer spending money on ourselves, so a larger selection to choose from would help ease the separation anxiety we are feeling from indulging in that new handbag, strappy sandle, fabulous jeans, etc....

Phewwww! I'm glad I could get that off my chest!

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Melissa R. Garrett said...

Hee hee! I totally hear ya on the whole issue of boys' clothing choices (the lack thereof). At least with two girls, I can still feel like I am indulging myself when I buy for them. And at least in the 3T size, you can still find relatively cute things. Wait till they get into big boys, and it's nothing but army green and khaki and gray. Blah!