Monday, May 21, 2007

Drug Rehab

Those of you that have read my blog know that drug abuse scares me to death. Ever since having a child and moving to a small town where drug abuse is running rampant, I have been worried about my son and how to teach him to stay away from drugs. Drugs are something that neither my brother nor I tried growing up, so whatever my parents did, they did it right. I think the secret to their success was open communication. I do my best to foster that every day. Even though Timmy is only 2, I am starting with him now. We talk about his day and his friends every day. I want that to be a normal question and something he's used to, so that when he's a teenager he will think it's normal that I am asking him questions rather than think I am pestering or hounding him.

There are a lot of great drug rehab programs out there, and I have spent a lot of time researching them. I am worried about the state of the teenagers in this town and do a lot of research on ways to help them. In my research, I came up with Stone Hawk. The staff truly understand addiction and what it takes to make a rehab successful. They have all been addicted and beaten it. In their Drug Treatment Center they teach their students the skills necessary to succeed in life, they teach them how to learn, they teach them how to handle life's ups and downs without using drugs, they teach them about values and integrity and how to handle life after addiction.

If you are a parent or loved-one of an addicted person, I strongly urge you to check out the drug rehab program at Stone Hawk.

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