Thursday, May 17, 2007

Whine, Whine, Whine

I have never used the “Wordless Wednesday,” but can tell you I have never been so grateful for something called “Wordless Wednesday.” Last week, things got so hectic that I wasn’t able to post for days. This week, I was really trying to keep up with my posting, so I decided to start the “Wordless Wednesday” blog within my own blog. I was posting the Grease 2 comment on my BFF's myspace page, because we were crazy about the cheesy movie, and it just fit my mood. As I was doing so, I thought I should just go ahead and post it on my blog too – then you would all know just how cheesy I am and I wouldn't have to write anything! I loved that movie so much that, even now, I will actually stop and watch it when it is on television. It’s sad, I know, but true.
Anyway, the end of this week and the weekend are proving to be just as busy as last week. I know so many people that give me the advice of saying “no” to offers of parties, requests for your time, etc., but I just can’t do it. It’s like my mouth is incapable of spitting out the word “no,” when my mind and body are screaming “I’m exhausted and want to spend time playing with Timmy.” This weekend, we have a birthday party on Saturday afternoon, then a dinner party Saturday night, for which I have been asked to make salsa. We have a birthday party Sunday evening, for which I am making the famous Bailey’s Irish Cream cake (look for a pic after the party)…between all of this, I need to squeeze in time to go to the grocery store and go to BJ’s to buy my staples products and meat. Not to mention the laundry and cleaning that is calling my name, and the gardening that needs to be done.


Yesterday, on my way back from a conference (I had an hour drive), I called my Mom.
(That’s right people, I have said it before and I will say it again, I use my cell phone while I am driving. I need to talk to my Mom everyday. If I do not talk to her, my tiny little part of the universe will collapse around me. If I do not call her while I am driving, chances are there will not be time to talk to her.) I digress…we talked about my busy schedule – well I talked, she listened – She was sympathetic, but also said “welcome to the life of working parents.”

So now, I put this out there to other moms, not just working moms, but busy moms in general: Is this what my life will be like from here on out? Is this the biggest challenge mothers face?


Anonymous said...

Especially after you have stayed home with the kids, this is the worst part of going back to work. All the stuff that you did before during the day now has to be accomplished after work and on weekends when everything else is going on. And what you really want to do is stay home and hang out with your hubby and kid!

My best advice is to definitely learn to say no. If it's something that you really want to do, go for it and try to build in a block of family time somewhere else in the week. If you don't want to do it, then politely decline and tell them that you already have plans that day. Staying home and hanging out as a family is a definite plan!

It is a tough balancing act...

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Working or at home, there are never enough hours in the day. Something always has to give. And since no one expects you to say no to your family, you'll have to train yourself to say no to other commitments that your heart is not into.

Chauncie said...

There is absolutely no reason NOT to love Grease or Grease 2....I, in fact, have both sitting in my movie collection and they have both been watched repeatedly.

Earthmommy said...

You are not alone....I love Grease!!!