Thursday, June 7, 2007

A bit of Humor

Today, I wore a pair of high heeled sandals. They aren't the most comfortable things in the world and hurt the top of my foot more than any other shoes I own. It's summer time, however, so I have swapped the closed toe heels for the sandals. The problem is, however, that all of my work pants are too long for sandals without heels. As a result, I am left with discomfort. Two things can solve this...shorter pants or more comfortable strappy sandals. I'm game for either one.

Today, I was caught in my office with my sandals off and my feet stretched out under my desk. My co-worker, who shall remain nameless, looked at my feet and painted toes and said, "Do you paint your toes or does Todd?" My reaction, pure belly laugh!, Todd does not paint my toenails. It's not that I wouldn't let him, but he would never. Quite honestly, the subject has never come up, so I guess it's possible that he might. No...I can't even begin to imagine his huge hand holding a tiny little polish brush - just can't wrap my brain around that.

She left my office and had me wondering how many women out there have partners that are willing and do paint their toenails???

Not 25 seconds after she departed my office went by before Todd called me. His ears must have been burning. Before he got a word in edge wise, I repeated what my nameless co-worker had said. You know what, his reaction was the same as mine. He laughed a good laugh, then said no f-ing way would I ever paint your toenails. Yepppp! It was just as I thought. He's not interested in that sort of thing.

All this toe talk has put me in the mood for a pedicure - ahhhh, the decadence!


Toni said...

Just asked the Hubs- he is with Todd- No freaking way! He will gladly pay for the pedicure!

Anonymous said...

That is the exact response I would have gotten from my hubby - guaranteed!

Gunfighter said...


I'd do pretty much anything my wife asked me to do.