Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen of the best movies from my childhood:
1) The Goonies: A movie from my childhood that can not be forgotten or left off this list. It does, after all, how the great line from a movie ever, “I smell ice cream.”
2) Grease: I got chills, there multiplying….The soundtrack alone makes this a great movie. They just don’t make great musicals anymore.
3) Grease 2: Because what’s 1 without 2? Best song in a movie – COOL RIDER. My friend Heather can attest to that.
4) Pretty in Pink: What teenage girl didn’t fall immediately in love with Andrew McCarthy as Blaine? I mean when he instant messages Andy in the library, then send stands up across from her and flashes her that irresistible smile, my heart melted.
5) Sixteen Candles: Why, oh why did Michael Schoeffling not make more movies???? Jake Ryan was by far the hottest guy in any of the movies from my childhood. 6) Breakfast Club: It was then, after watching Judd Nelson, that I found a soft spot for bad boys. 7) Charlie in the Chocolate Factory: Yeah, yeah…it didn’t follow the book, but come on – what a fab movie! Who doesn’t catch themselves thinking about the oompa loompas occasionally and humming one of their tunes. I’m all for the Johnny Depp version, but I really liked the old one.
8) Valley Girl: Let me preface this with the fact that I did grow up in So Cal. I said things like, “gag me with a spoon,” “fer sure,” “totally.” I was talking about this movie at Wednesday night dinner, and none one by me had seen it. If you have not seen it, I urge you to rent the VHS (assuming you have a VCR) and take yourself back to a time when Nicholas Cage was an adorable bad boy.
9) Can’t Buy Me Love: Dr. McDreamy before he was cool. This was a great movie!
10) Urban Cowboy: “Fine. Forget it.”
11) Best Little Whorehouse in Texas: Dolly Parton is one of my favorite singers, so it goes without saying that I would like this movie because of her.
12) Fast Times at Ridgemont High: This and Porky’s were the American Pie for my generation. So racy (for the time, now it would be considered tame) and so damn funny!
13) Footloose: Does this movie even need an explanation on why it’s on my top 13 list? I would love to say it is probably my favorite on the list, but then I look at all of them and know that I have watched them all many, many times and just can’t pick a favorite. If I had to, this might be it.

Movies that didn’t make my top 13, but that I still love: Mystic Pizza, Satisfaction, Heathers, Flashdance, Dirty Dancing, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Stand By Me, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Secret Admirer, Revenge of the Nerds, Some Kind of Wonderful.


Dana said...

I watched Sixteen Candles over and over again just to see Michael Schoeffling!

Anonymous said...

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Special K ~Toni said...

I love the Goonies! I bought it on DVD- made David (13) watch it with me- he said it was boring! He's an idiot!

Stacy said...

Okay...I just had a seriously vivid flashback from my youth!!! STOP doing that to's so freaky....!

Rebecca said...

Goonies, Breakfast Club, Can't Buy Me Love (OMG - we all pretended to be Cindi Mancinni!), Pretty in Pink - oh the memories - these are great!!!!

Tracy said...

Oh yeah! - some of my favorites too. My sis and I loved "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" - watched it over and over. :) We also loved Goonies, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, etc. We also liked the "North and South" series - did you see those?

Have a good day!