Monday, July 9, 2007

Typhoid Mary ran through our house over the last week and she was not kind or gentle. It started with Timmy and his non-stop pooping, then vomiting. Then Todd was afflicted. Saturday morning, around 3:30am, he woke with a fever of 103.5 - yikes! His body ached and he had a sore throat that threatened to break any sore throat record out there. He was pretty much useless, except for warming the couch, all weekend. This morning he is off to the doctor, who will take one look at his puss covered tonsils and reach for the prescription pad. Yesterday, it was my turn. Whatever Timmy had, I got. It was miserable and I had all I could do to even move around during the day. Timmy, who was feeling better at this point, had had enough of being quiet and gentle cause daddy didn't feel good and was ready for action. He was running circles around both Todd and me. Because I was less sick than Todd (although that is a matter of opinion), I was given the duty of entertaining the little man. Nap time and bed time never looked so sweet to me as they did yesterday.
Last night I was prepared not to come to work, but here I am - why? I am as pale as a sheet and am broken out in a cold sweet. Arghhhh..being sick is a horrible thing.


Toni said...

I hope you feel better soon! You should have stayed home to recoup!

Your Mother said...

Here is a kiss for your forehead XXX Sorry you are sick and I am so very far away. Feel better soon.

Jenny said...

Oh girl, that sucks! Hope you and your hubby feel better soon! I know it's so much harder (even if you're not AS sick) because you still have to take care of the basics for everyone while feeling like poo. Really, really hope it's better very soon.