Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Cricket

I picked Timmy up today and he ran into my arms talking feverishly about a cricket. His teacher elaborated.

Timmy found a cricket this afternoon and was holding it by its feet. He proudly displayed the cricket for anyone that would like to see. He ended his display with a little girl. The little girl screamed. Timmy calmly walked away, cricket legs still held steady between his fingers, and put it on the ground in the corner. It is in the corner where the cricket met his maker. Timmy squashed the cricket. He then went back to the little screamer and took her by the hand. He took her to the squashed cricket to show her that all was well with her world again and that there was no need to frightened any longer.

Now, I ask cute is that??? Not literally cute, I mean it is a squashed bug, but warm your heart cute.

Finally, some commentary:

Is it possible for a 2.5 year old boy to show chivalry? I would have answered no to this question. Now, however, in my heart of hearts, I know the answer is yes. I am proud that my little man wanted to make the world a better place for the little screamer.

I don't know how old the girl is, but I think it's comical that she's already screaming dramatically about a harmless little cricket. It's quite clear to me that our children learn these messages from us - Timmy knows that I don't like spiders at all, so it wouldn't surprise me if the screamer's mother (or father for those out there that want to read something politically correct, but I doubt it is the father) is frightened of bugs and makes a huge dramatic mess every time she sees one.


Melissa Garrett said...

Jacob fears dogs, always has, although the rest of us love them. His fear is now exaccerbated by the fact that he was bit on the back a few weeks ago by a friend's dog who had gotten out of its kennel. ARG!!!

I bet Timmy is getting so big :-) Little boys are sweet, in their very own bug-squashing way!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Congrats on the pregnancy! Isn't the fatigue and "morning" sickness just the worst? I started getting past it around 13-15 weeks, so I hope you start feeling better very soon!

The cricket saga is too cute! I really hate spiders, and my son took to squashing bugs very early for me. Chivalry in little men is beyond adorable!

Old Fashioned Girl said...

That's sweet.

Anonymous said...

What a darling, thoughtful boy.

I got some bugs he can squish for me over here. Wait. Are they bugs? NAh, just dust bunnies.

Sweet boy you have there!

Elle said...


LOL at the cricket. Kids can be not scared of things you'd expect them too, and scared of others that make no sense!