Friday, November 16, 2007

My Inner Blonde

I have unleashed her - my inner blonde! When I say I have unleashed her, I don't mean that I have done it purposefully! This little girl that I am carry is sucking the intellect right out of me. I had a tendency towards being a little bit "airy," so maybe I was more susceptible to what is referred to as pregnancy brain.

I have always been concious of that slight airiness, and have tried to keep close tabs on it. It's not soemthing I ever wanted to share in my professional life, so I kept it at bay (with lots of hard work). When I was preggo with Timmy, I let out the inner blonde, but I don't remember it being as bad as it is now. Could it be becuase I am a mom of a toddler, preggo and working full-time? Am I doing too much to also keep my inner blonde from being not so "inner?"

My Type A personality is having a difficult time handling the little mistakes, both written and verbal, in the work place. It's one thing when my husband sees me as an airhead. He has known me when I am not being flighty, so he knows what I am capable of. My co-workers, however, have only known me for 6 months - they have no idea if I was just faking it and trying to be on my best behavior while being a newbie! I hope they give me the benefit of the doubt.

One last thing - This little girl had better be super smart - then I will know my inner blonde went to some good!

Not a Dumb Blonde


MOTH3R said...

As hard as it is to make dumb mistakes at work . . . everyone does.

Don't be so hard on yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have the same problem. Having a toddler definitely adds to it, and having a job can't make it any better.

I tell people it's because all the blood that used to flow to my brain cells is now being utilized elsewhere to grow a person. :o)

Kitty said...

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