Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Good Mom

So I took Timmy to another prenatal appointment with me last week. When we got there, we promptly went to the bathroom (that's my life with a potty training little man...always in the bathroom). The door to handicap stall was propped open with a trashc an. We went into that bathroom (listen...don't judge me. I am sorry, but I'm 33 weeks pregnant and a small stall with a toddler just won't work for me). Being the lazy mom that I am, I didn't move the trash can. As a result, the door was left open to the stall we occupied.

Well, wouldn't you know older (65-70 ish) woman walks in to use the restroom. No...she didn't need the handicapped stall (thank goodness), but I was embarassed that I left the door open. Anyway, we finish our business in the stall and head out to wash our hands. This is the converstation that took place.

Me: "Can you reach it?"
Timmy: "Uh-huh. This handle is red and this one is blue."
Me: "You're right. The red handle is for hot water and the blue handle is for cold water. When we turn them both on together we get warm water."
Timmy: No response

We finished up the hand-washing and went about the business of drying our hands. We walked back out to reception, where he remembered a toy from his last visit. I left him go the 15 feet away from me to explore the toys, while I waited in line. Of course, the woman from the bathroom steps in line behind me. What the heck, can't I shake this lady?

Then Timmy started to bring toys to me in line. At that point I said to him that he should play with the toys "over there," and I would be there in just a few minutes. After saying that, the bathroom lady says to me, "You're a good mom."

I nearly fell over. What a nice thing to say. Here I was, still embarassed by my bathroom laziness and she's complimenting my mothering skills. How nice of her and it pretty much made my day. I'm pretty certain she thought I was a good mom, not based leavign the stall door open, but based on our hand-washing conversation.

It's amazing how much an unexpected compliment can make someone's day. My goal for the weekend will be to make a stranger's day by complimenting them.


Jessica said...

I agree...such compliments can make your entire day...even your week. I am not having a "Good Mom Week" at all myself. Poo on 2 (year olds that is!).

Life As I Know It said...

A compliment from a stranger, when you least expect it is the best kind!

Renae said...

Don't be embarrassed! No one else was in there when you entered, and you have a toddler. I think every woman - especially every mom - would understand the not moving the trash can thing!;-)

It is so great that you have normal, adult-ish conversations with your son. He will learn so much from you, and his vocabulary will skyrocket!

Nice blog. ;-)



Sisterlisa said...

That's so sweet! I went shopping with a friend one time and we each got our own shopping carts. As we were strolling through the produce section I noticed an elderly woman slowly scanning the bins, with such a sad, depressed, almost angry scowl on her face.

I walked up and said hello to her with a smile and she just looked at me in unbelief. I asked how she was doing and she stammered out, "oh um okay I guess." and I replied back, "Wonderful! I hope you have a GREAT day!" With a huge smile. Then I went to gather my friend at the end of the aisle and told her what happened.

She then strolled over to the woman and smiled and said, "Hello Ma'am how are you today?" with another HUGE smile and the lady perked right up and answered back with a BIG smile, "I'm doing GREAT today thank you SO much!"

We were so proud of how God used us that day. I'll never forget it.