Monday, January 7, 2008

A little Monday Rambling...

What a trying day it has been for me. It's almost 9pm and I am just getting up the energy to post now. I had to work in a different office today, so I left 30 minutes before I normally do - just to get there and greet new employees. I stumbled through most of my day, not feeling quite right. Then the sore throat and runny nose started - good grief! I was hoping that I could get through the winter without catching some kind of cold, but it is!

While I am on the subject of a cold, I have two doctor's appointments this week. One with my OBGYN for a normal prenatal visit and the other with my new PCP. The last time I was sick (September) I tried to get in to see my PCP and the office said they would not treat me while I was pregnant. They didn't want to deal with the liability - can you believe that crap??? I honestly failed to see how prescribing me antibiotics was going to harm the baby. Hey, here's a tip...take out your physician's desk reference and look for the category of medication and give me one that's B or above. It's that simple! That was all it took, and I started doctor shopping. I finally found one that I think will work out; she's actually a nurse practitioner, which in my experience tends to be a little better. (My Mom's a nurse, so maybe I am biased towards their bedside manner)

I did an HR orientation for these fine new employees, who were actually the most inquisitive group I have had in the 9 months that I have worked there. Normally, this would thrill me to no end. New employees that show a sincere interest and desire for knowledge are fantastic. Today, however, I was not feeling in the mood to spend 20 minutes debating the reasons for the federal privacy laws that prohibit us from sharing clients private health information with employees. Seriously folks, the debate went on for 20 minutes.

Then back to my desk by 2:30, where I met with an employee about benefits. That took up a good amount of time. I got to eat lunch at 3:00, but only because my 3:00 didn't show for her appointment. I packed my stuff and left around 3:45 - only 15 minutes early for me when I work in that office. I just couldn't take it anymore.

Wait....Fox news is on in the day just got better. They are showing Hillary Clinton crying at a press conference. Fabulous. This shows me one thing, and one thing only...she's got tear ducts and knows how to use them. I don't for one second believe that they are real.

While I am on politics, the primary is headed to NH tomorrow. I am still undecided about who I want to vote for. Quite frankly none of the candidates impress me. All of them seem in-genuine to me. Maybe I will write in Becki's name on my ballot!

And to end my rambling on a positive note...the little man announced tonight that his tummy felt tight and that he needed to poop. Woooooo Whooooo! Break through...he told me he had to go instead of me asking him. This is fabulous and I hope it happens again soon!

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Jessica said...

I'm sorry about your bad day. I hope it's better today. Bad Mondays are the worst!