Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hello Baby

Timmy got several books on being a big brother and what it means to have a new baby for Christmas. He is fascinated with the books and really enjoys reading them. One book in particular, Hello Baby by Lizzy Rockwell, captures his attention quite well. It includes pictures of the baby inside the mommy’s tummy, separate pictures of the stages of growth, the umbilical cord as it is as scab (or boo-boo, as we call it), the mommy at a doctor’s visit and the little boy hearing the heartbeat, the mommy breastfeeding, the baby getting a bath and holding the baby very carefully. All in all, it’s a great book and has allowed for some very specific teaching points for Timmy.

Because of the book, we have talked about:
The stages the baby goes through in Mommy’s tummy.
The boo-boo the baby will have and that it will turn into a belly button.
The special milk that Mommy makes and where it comes from, which is just for the baby.
How the baby will cry, and what we can do to soothe the baby.

We have also spent a great deal of time talking about my visits to the doctor and hearing the baby’s heartbeat. Because he is so fascinated with it, he is going to my appointment with me this afternoon. I really hope it goes well, so that I can schedule all my appointments for the end of the day to involve him.

By the way - notice the haircut in the picture? Oye - that was a decision I made, since the little man is so terrible at haircuts. I was trying to make it so I didn't need to do it again for awhile. it's a little too short for my liking and for daddy's. Sorry!!!

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