Monday, February 4, 2008


Personal note to Grandma before I begin: Grandma, I know you read my blog. If there were ever a post you might not want to read, it might be this one. Just a cautionary warning.

I have always been a bit of stickler for downtown grooming. Not for anyone other than myself. I like to feel groomed, not like an amazon woman. Neat and trim is just my preference. When pregnant with the little man, I begged the hubs to take over the yard work. His response was something like, "Absolutely not! And never speak of this again." Then I pled my case to my mom. Her response was very much the same; she after-all, came of age in the 60's when an overgrown jungle was all the rage (possibly a badge of honor?) and couldn't understand my desire to groom. Arghhhhh! The hubs I was far too cheap to pay for professional downtown grooming, so I suffered with a jungle of my own until the end. Note to self - excellent baby shower gift (a wax job gift certificate).

Here's the kicker, I have 2 girlfriends back home that would take care of business for me in a heartbeat. I know this about them. I know this because I know they have the same downtown grooming preferences as I do - we share these stories. Back home, however, is 3,000 miles away. Call me crazy, but a flight to Cali is probably less cost effective than professional grooming.

Fast forward to present day: at 33 weeks pregnant, imagine how I am feeling about not being able to see past my belly to groom an area that I know must be frought with overgrown weeds at this point. While I have lost all sense of modesty over the birthing process, I can not seem to get past the desire to be neat and trim.

So I made a decision last week following my morning shower. I stood on an old bathroom towel, poised with 1 foot on the bathroom counter, scissors in my right hand and hand-held mirror in my left hand - ready for business. I felt a mild stab of trepidation, wondering what would happen if I cut myself - yikes - then took the plunge and started trimming. Ahhhh...relief. I feel so much better about myself.


Rebecca said...

I can so relate!!!

Jessica said...

Oh my...this made me laugh. I love your honesty and I understand the need to groom!

Teri Kathleen said...

Wow...Okay then! LOL!!! I haven't shaved anything but my arm pits since I got pregnant I think. (i was horrible sick first few months..) I just try to ignore it and pray for a gift certificate to go somewhere to get from waist to toes waxes (well, maybe not my TOES, but you know what i mean)

Eva said...

Here's hoping your downtown stays free of overgrowth.

I tagged you for a meme, by the way...unless you've already done this one. Check my blog.

Christine said...

Oh I hear you. You can't groom it if you can't see it LOL! I had that preggo problem, too. :-)

Teri Kathleen said...

(don't have to publish, just wanted you to see...LOL)
This was in my 35 week Baby Center newsletter thing:
Useful comebacks to rude pregnancy comments
• "At least I made somebody's heart and brain today. What did you do?"
• "You're huge too — and you don't have the excuse of another person living inside you."
• "Go ahead, but I'm not touching yours."

Burg said...

I agree.. I don't want to look like I'm smuggling Chewbacca in my drawers...

I tagged you, by the way.

Elle said...

HA! My husband trimmed for me when pg with the twins. Then I invested in one of those "trimmers" and it worked like a charm. You can't even cut yourself with them. Just buzz away!

p.s. Hope your gma took your advcie and didn't read past the disclaimer.