Thursday, May 15, 2008

Monthly Photos

When Little Man was an infant, I had his photo taken on the 24th of each month. It started when I lived near a Picture People. I got my free sitting fee and free 8 x 10 and walked out the door without buying a thing - yes, I am that cheap! That changed when we moved to the backwoods of NH. The nearest Picture People is over 1 hour away, so that was out. I started taking him to Wal Mart and getting their cheap packages. It turned out okay b/c grandparents got pictures. Between 12-18 months he started getting the wiggles at each picture. By 18 months, it was a photo by luck, so I stopped.

Now that the Princess is here I had to make a decision. Do I get her photo taken each month or skip it? I made the decision to skip it. Then, my Mom got to me with, "what are you going to tell her when she gets older and wants to know why there are pictures of Little Man each month and not her?" Okay, good point. She had a 1 month photo taken and she went in yesterday for her 2 month. She's 2 months old! Time flew by!

I am not the scrapbooking type (but I do appreciate the hard work and beauty of others' books), but someday I would really like to put all of Little Man's in one book and all of Princess's in another. Looking back at Little Man's it really is neat to see the monthly growth. I'm glad I did it and happy that I made the decision to do it with Princess.


Rebecca said...

Wow, two months already!!!

I am so bad, I hardly ever take the kids in for fact, I think I haven't gone in over a year :( I really need to get at it!

Ahsan Jilani said...

"Monthly Photos"
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