Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Aside from the comments on my blog, we have had tremendous support in our personal lives. Without the support of our family and friends, it would be a difficult cross to bear.
Here on some of the kind words sent to us:

From a 2 time cancer survivor and all around awesome lady:
Sometimes God has a mysterious way of tell us something.

Sometimes we get handed something that we can’t figure out what the purpose is for.

Sometimes, when life is going impeccably well- BAMN, something comes to “throw a wrench” into the mix.

I haven’t stopped thinking of you two… and my mind is spinning, and my heart is so very heavy. I can say I’m strong, you can too… but reality is… I haven’t been strong this past day- for I’m sad, scared, worried & questioning the “whys” of life. Why again, why you guys, why now?
As we know- we can go around & around in circles & wont ever have the answers.
I’ll tell you a secret. I think of my cancer daily. Not a day goes by that somehow it doesn’t cross my mind. Whether for good reasons of feeling super, & kicking the C in the butt… or for worrisome “will it return for a 3rd time” thoughts, what if it does, etc. Many people would think I’m nuts for allowing it to cross my mind daily. Its not always consuming, just a brief thought as I say my prayers, or something will remind me, etc.
But then … reality kicks in… and someone I know get diagnosed, or REdiganosed… and it kicks me to think of everything all in a different light. I can firmly say, for the first time in my 6 years of dealing or being a survivor… that I’m confidant if I were to be rediagnosed I would have the most support I’ve ever felt in my life. we have found people like you guys, the Whi&&*$% etc. who light our lives. Sometimes- tough times are a reminder of the spot you’re in within life, and the support that embraces you as a family.
Know there isn’t much I can help w/… I know I can’t take the worry or anger away… but PLEASE know w/ all my heart I am thinking of you daily & wishing there’s something, somehow, I could do to “make it better”. Im sure Timmy would reach for a Bob the Builder band-aid if he knew you were “hurting”.
We love you guys… cherish you in our lives far more than you can imagine… and are here for every ounce of support possible. PLEASE if there’s anything you need help w/, or would like a hand in… please do not hesitate… we’re here!!!
With love, thoughts & prayers… be strong… you got this!!!

Her equally fabulous husband:
There is no way for me to put into words what J just did so eloquently. For I believe that only those who have physically gone through what you and J have can express emotionally what each of you feel from your own personal experiences. Those of us who are husbands, wives, family and friends of you (both) can give all the support necessary to help, encourage and do whatever you may need to get through this. But still, cannot feel what you or others feel because it's not actually happening inside of us.
I want to reiterate what my amazing wife has and tell you two (actually 4)that we're here for you for whatever you all may need. We're glad that you have so much family and many friends around for your support, strength, a good laugh, a good beer, or just a few minutes to be there for you in the times you need someone.

From one of my best Friends:
I imagine it was a horrible day!
I am sure it has to be so frustrating. There is nothing one can say to make the fear go away or relieve that stress. Just have to wonder what the Lord is trying to do in all this.
I will continue to pray for you and T. I know this is quite trying on both of you. I will pray that God will help to give you the answers you need each day. If you are anything like is the contant questions in my mind..."what if_____?" or "what will I do when____?" You know those questions never end....because the possibilities are endless. So, I pray that you will let your mind rest knowing that God has got you! And He will provide you with the questions and answers at just the right time. Focus on loving your husband and your two beautiful babies. God has the rest my friend!!!!