Thursday, February 8, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Dies

Wow - so this afternoon my husband was reading the news online while I was cooking dinner. He told me that the headline read that Anna Nicole Smith had died! I couldn't believe it; of course, he said he's not surprised. It's just not what I expected to hear on a random Thursday afternoon. Don't mistake this for me saying I was a huge fan of Anna Nicole Smith. I wasn't (in fact, I found most of her behavior deplorable), but I couldn't help being sucked into her strange little world. For awhile there it was Anna Nicole Smith this and Anna Nicole Smith that during her days as the very young lady married to a much, much older man and the court battle that followed. Following that, it was her television program (of which everyone made fun of). Then it was her terribly odd behavior and people questioning what kind of drugs, medication or alcohol was Anna Nicole Smith taking. Then she became the Trim Spa girl and lost a tremendous amount of weight. Then, another whopper that I didn't expect - she was pregnant! She seemed happy with the joyous news, so I thought good for her.

Anna Nicole Smith went through a tremendous ordeal with the death of her son. I don't know a mother out there that didn't feel for her when her son died. Not to mention that it happened at the same time her new baby was born - what a bittersweet time in her life. Now she's gone and the new baby is left without a mother. My prayers will be for that sweet, innocent little baby.

The days to come should prove interesting. I assume that her cause of death will be made public.

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Beth Ellen said...

I am not a fan of Anna Nicole Smith but I couldn't help but cry when I heard she passed away. I think it was perhaps due to it following so quickly after her sons death. I felt so grieved at her life. I have felt both repulsion and pity.