Thursday, February 15, 2007

Chrissy Needs...

On one of my favorite blogs to read, Little Wool Gatherings,posted a fun little game she played on Google - so I thought I would do it myself. If you want to do it, go to Google, put in *your first name* needs, then list the first 1- things that come up! Have fun!!!

Chrissy Needs
1)Chrissy needs a yard to run and play in. (Um, what I really need is a yard that is not covered in snow to run and play in.)
2)Chrissy needs help. (I need help with my strong desire to make an eggless cake - somebody stop me!)
3)Chrissy needs a new home. (no way - just got a new home and am very happy here. What I need is a new bed!)
4) Chrissy needs a few friends. (I am always open to new friends - as a matter of fact, I am accepting applications now!)
5) Chrissy needs to lose some poundage. (This is no lie - I need to lose more than poundage - I need to lose something the size of nicole ritchie!)
6) Chrissy needs a supository. (Yuckkkkk!)
7)Chrissy need to be able to identify words from random groups of letters and to identify commonly used sight words. (I would love to learn spanish)
8) Chrissy needs to find out what it is Brian wishes to discuss with her so privately. (Who's Brian?)
9)Chrissy needs to find her own material. (If I am ever going to learn to sew, then yes, I need to find my own material. Ripping the shirts off peoples' backs is just not acceptible these days)
10)Chrissy needs a few minutes to nurse her baby. (I am so all done with that whole process)

Hey - that was kinda fun!

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Melissa R. Garrett said...

LOL! This has been one of the funniest games yet! A suppository?? I'm glad I'm not you :-)