Thursday, February 15, 2007


Yes - we went to see that famous mouse of the pizza house! We drove 1 hour today to get there - lonnnng drive! Yesterday was such a crummy day, with all the snow and yuckiness, that I couldn't stand the thought of being coupped up again today. Timmy's asthma is acting up a bit right now, so being outside today was out of the question. I wanted him somewhere where it would be warm and we could have some fun for a couple of hours. And fun we had! We played in tunnels, watched the mouse himself sing and dance, played with balls, rode on cars and, fun, fun. He didn't eat lunch - it far too exciting to eat, is, no doubt, what he was thinking. He had a half hour nap - yikes! On my way home all I could think was that I was going to have a toddler with a huge case of the cranks! Not so, he was an incredibly good boy tonight. I have a fabulous son!!!

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