Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thoughts of the Day

Today has been a great day. I always try to look at each day as a new day full of new promises and potential. Today lived up to it's promises. I watched my friend's boys this morning, which is always a pleasure. They are good kids and my son loves it when they are here. Following that, I had an interview for a part-time HR job. I was skeptical about the position because it is in VT, and the drive is longer than I would like. The interview went really well, and the company sounds like a great place to work. They are flexible with the days you work and the hours you work. Not to mention, it sounds like there will be a lot of growth within the company. I came home really, really excited. I prayed for composure before I went in, then thanked the Lord on my way out for the success of the interview. I will continue to pray about this job until I hear from them about whether or not I made it to the second round of interviews.
I have been feeling a bit stressed and on edge the last couple of weeks. I came home from the interview refreshed and with a new sense of hope. A sense that all is not lost - there is part time work out there in HR.
WOW - another good thing! The phone just rang. The pre-school calling to offer me the pre-school lead teacher position. I told her I would get back to her within a couple of days. Now - I guess I need to contact the place I interviewed at today to let them know that I have been offered a position.
So - going from stressed out crazy lady - to a lady who is felling extremely blessed!

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