Thursday, March 8, 2007

Blessings Abound

Yesterday I watched Stacy's son. Luke is such a sweetheart, so it is always a pleasure. Timmy loves having him here too. Because of my return to work, yesterday was my last time watching Luke. Stacy made up a back to work basket for me - she is so thoughtful. If you are reading this Stacy, thank you! I'll read a story from the book during my lunch breaks, as you suggested.

We had friends over for dinner last night. It seems that we have created a Wendesday night dinner club - okay, club is a little strong because it is just Todd and Me and the other couple. Anyway, it's a nice way to spend a Wednesday night - kinda breaks up the week. It was my turn to cook, and since I didn't get to the grocery store this week, I had to use what I had on hand. Surprisingly, I was able to come up with a good meal. We had a roasted chicken breast, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and brown sugar glazed carrots (which I did not eat because of my extreme dislike for that veggetable).

Today I got a call from the place that I interviewed at on Monday. She wants me to go back for a second interview next week. This position is more desirable for several reasons: 1)pay is higher; 2) It's in NH, so no state taxes; 3) It's HR; 4) The person hiring for the position is extremely professional.

I watched my friend's boys today. They are a true pleasure to have here. They are so polite, and they love to play with Timmy.

I have a son who was all about cuddles today - yeah!!! I love it!

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