Saturday, March 24, 2007

Party Preparations

Party preparations were in full mode yesterday. My parents are here, so that it is a tremendous help and blessing. We must have sent my dad into town at least 5 times yesterday with little things we forgot. It was difficult to get a lot of things (full cleaning, cake decorating, etc) done with Timmy awake, so we waited until after he was in bed t 7:30 to really hit full blown mode.

We managed to finish the train is composed of an engine, a coal car, 3 passenger cars, and a caboose - hey we are having 50 people here - it's a lot of cake, but it's definitely needed.
I finally got to bed around 12:30 after cleaning the floors and the mess we made in the kitchen. My mind was racing as I was trying to fall asleep, so I did what always helps. I turned to the Lord in prayer. He calmed and soothed my spirit and stopped my mind from racing.

It is 8:00am, and my newly 2 son is still sleeping! He had a rough asthma night last night. Bless his little soul - I was so worried about him last night. I gave him 2 breathing treatments in the middle of the night, so I am releaved to know that he is still asleep - he needs all the rest he can get before the excitement of the day. In true first mom fashion, I awoke at 6:30am and worried becuase I hadn't heard him cough in a few hours. I immediately got out of bed and went to his room to make sure he was still breathing. I hate those few moments before when your heart is in your stomach - do those feelings ever go away? Do you ever stop worrying that they aren't okay?

I may be back this evening to post the results of our party.


Stacy said...

Hi Chrissy! Thank you for the terrific party! We all had fun, the food was great, it was nice to see your Mom and meet some new people. I enjoyed a nice chat with Trevor. I love to see a guy excited about kids. I could easily see that he really loves Timmy.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Woo hoo! Two years old! It goes by so quickly, doesn't it? Please post a picture of the cake!!