Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mommy Mistake #4,372

Yep, I make mistakes. I make them all the time. This mistake, however, is one my mother-in-law warned me about. I'm going to throw this out into cyberspace for anyone that is interested - LISTEN to your mothers-in-law.
She warned me not to teach my son the word fart, but I didn't listen. I went ahead and said it to him anyway. Well, it's come back to haunt me - my fear is that it will haunt for years to come; it will haunt me while in line at the grocery store. Last night, he said to Todd and me...."Timmy farted. Daddy Farted. Mommy Farted." Oh boy! I can hardly wait for him to exclaim this in public. The questions, from this first time mom, are these: How old are children when they learn what is okay to say at home, but not okay to say in public? Am I going to be one of those moms that writes in to parenting magazine to tell an embarassing story about my adorable child and his joyful exclamations of bodily functions?


Stacy said...

Somewhere between now and 3ish you will be able to tell him that some words we just don't say. For us it was the word stupid....Will heard it somewhere? and we told him "we don't say stupid" well...stupid(us)...he walked around saying "we don't say stupid" only it sounded like "du use STUPID" so finally we figured it out to tell him .."we don't say that word" and eventually he didn't. Now Luke..he is another story when we tell him not to say a word he says "What word?" or "I don't say poo-poo head" or whatever we are trying to get him to NOT say. Not too sure this was least you know you are not alone.

Eva said...

Gannon was fascinated with the word hell for a while, as in, "bad guys will go to hell." It was funny because he said it like a southern preacher, like HAIL. It was not funny because we were just waiting for him to start telling people they were going to hell. (Thankfully, he never did.)

Kids do say embarrassing things in public, though, like when Acadia said to me admiringly in the bathroom stall at Chili's, "Mommy, you have a quite big bummie!"

Anonymous said...

Wait until your husband teaches him how to say, "Mommy, I'd like a HUMMER!" Yeah, the vehicle. And yes, I smacked my hubby HARD for that one.

acwo said...

I like your blog very much
keep it up!

Linda said...

Ha! That is funny. Yes, they certainly do say embarrassing things and usually at the worst possible moment too! I would use toot for that particular bodily function with the kids as I never cared for fart much. They used that for a long time but think they have outgrown it now at 16 and 18 even though I still use it.

Thanks for the link and I will add a link to your blog on mine.

Wait til your kids are finally 18 and you have run out of numbers for the mistakes you've made. :-) Somehow, though, they seem to survive.