Friday, March 30, 2007

Working Mom Day 5

Following our unfortunate night's sleep, we got up and did it all over again minus the doctor's visit (which he talked about serveral times today). This morning, however, was different. I left my little man while he was in tears and protesting. My heart was breaking for him and for me.

My new job is in the human services field, so I decided I would ask the early childhood specialists about his screaming fits in the middle of the night. They confirmed my mommy guilt. It is most likely because he went through a major change. I am his security and when he woke up, he needed to check to see if I was there. Of course, I left their office and cried. How long will it take for us to get into the swing of it??? I hope it's soon, cause I don't know if my heart can take any more aching.

They gave me suggestions on how to handle it, so I will put them into play. Coming from the cry it out school of thought (2nd disclaimer: it works for me, but not for everyone), I know I need to stick it out and let him get through this. The question is, can I do it while my heart is aching?

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Melissa R. Garrett said...

You are definitely a stronger woman than I! I am all talk and no action when it comes to letting Bridget cry it out. And for that reason, I am sure she will be sleeping in my bed, still, when she is 10!