Thursday, March 1, 2007

Yesterday was a tiring day. In addition to my own son, I watched a child that is one month older than Timmy. So, in essence, I had two 24 month olds running around. Neither of them were terrible, but they were exhausting. For all those mothers of twins out there, I appauld you and have a whole new respect for you. By the end of the day, I just wanted to collapse! Then, wonder of all wonders, I got a call from my friend Yesenia. She asked if she could come over with her boyfriend, Tod, and cook dinner of us. Wow!!! Are you kidding me??? How many of you reading this can say someone came to your house and cooked you dinner last night - a random Wednesday night? Not many, I bet! It's just what I needed last night. She made an awesome Puerto Rican chicken, potato and rice dish. Yummmmmmm!

Today, Thursday, was a good day. Timmy and I had such a nice time together. Both of us were happy and in good moods all day long. That's a nice change from the cranky monster that has been visiting us lately. We started our day with a trip to the doctor's office to drop off some papers. On our way back, we stopped at a store where my friend, Paula, works on Thursdays and Fridays. I very rarely go to the store because I can't afford anything in the place. It's nice, however, to see how the other half lives every now and again. We followed that trip with a coloring session. We have a huge roll of butcher block paper, courtesy of Paula, that we put of the floor - then let the fun begin! Timmy loves to color, so it is a good way to spend 30-45 minutes.
A few weeks ago, we checked out a book called This Truck by Paul Collicutt from the library. The book quickly became an obsession in our house. However, in true library fashion, the book had to be returned. I purposely made Timmy hand the book back to Miss Cindy with the hope that if he did this, he would realize the book was gone. My little tatic actually worked, and he knew the book was gone. The obsession, however, was not gone. Even though we checked out Maisy books to replace the truck book, we still could not forget how much we loved it. Timmy constantly said, "truck book gone." Today, I finally decided that we could go back to the library and get the book again. So, when Timmy woke from his nap, I told him we were going to the library to get the book back. His response, which was a response that he continued all the way to the library was, "truck book back Miss Cindy. Bibrary." As soon as he saw the book at the library, he broke into a smile that did not stop. That smile alone was enough the make my heart leap with joy!
Hey, it's 8:15 - I have missed 15 minutes of Survivor - what am I thinking???

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Stacy said...

Your dinner experience makes me think of a quote from Napoleon Dynamite