Monday, April 23, 2007


After dinner last night, we took our little man outside for a walk. He didn't want any part of a walk - nope. He was all about pushing a little car around the walk and porch. He was having a good time, so the walk was put on hold. The car thing lasted for only a bit, but since we abandoned the walk plan, Todd had already started raking the lawn. Which left Timmy and I to play. He walked around the house looking for trouble, then we helped rake. Timmy was having such a great time outside, that getting him inside for a bath and bedtime was a real nightmare. He had a serious fit, a drop to the ground in protest kind of fit. It was ugly and continued on through the first 5 minutes of the bath.

I said to Todd tonight, "How do you think Timmy would do camping?" Todd's response, "It would be a nightmare. We won't be doing that this year." When I asked this, it was in response to the whole being outside experience tonight. He loves being outside, it's the part where we have to go inside that he's not so in love with. I can only imagine what it would be like in a tent. Would he get any sleep at all? Would he scream in protest of sleep? Would wild animals think it was a new animal call?

I went camping (real camping in a tent) for the first time in my life in the Fall of 2000. My parents are motorhome people, so that was the only kind of camping I did growing up.
(last motorhome trip with parents & brother in 2002)

Motorhome camping is pretty nice, and a good way to go, if you have the money to do it. We, unfortunately do not. Anyway, I had a really nice time. In true Chrissy fashion, however, I made Todd get up in the middle of the night and walk with me to the bathroom. We haven't been camping since then. I'm not really sure why we haven't done it again. We enjoy doing things like that with other people, so I am pretty sure having babies, scheduling conflicts, and life in general got in the way.
I have a theory of camping, that was put to the test on that first trip. Camping scares me, and this is why....In our homes, we go to great lengths to keep ourselves protected from criminals (bad people, in general, if you will). We spend thousands of dollars on top notch security systems, we double check the doors before we go to bed at night, we make sure all the windows are locked - all of this to make ourselves feel safer. Then, one nice weekend, we decide to take our families and our nylon tent camping. We have a great time, we hike, we build a campfire, we have a cookout, we even make s'mores. When all the good times are said and done, we crawl into our nylon tents, zip them up, and hunker down for the night. All that stands between us and the mass murderer in the mood to take a few people out is a thin piece of nylon and a zipper. I ask you, does that feel safe to you? If I really stop and analyze this, I just don't understand how I can rationalize going camping ever again. I mean really, have any of you out there thought the same thing?

This is the way my mind works. I scare myself silly sometimes. This is the exact reason that I can not watch horror movies. My mind just goes nuts with all kinds of reasons why the exact same thing will happen to me.

All of that following a simple "we played outside last night intro." Did you get more than you bargained for?


Stacy said...

I too grew up camping in a camper, with a lockable door that was never locked. As I got older I went tent camping and now as an adult(with children...key)We go to our Camp House...and yes I lock the door. Having children changed me... I am not scared for myself really ...I am scared for them. I want to always be ready for any crisis....but in reality I am missing out on a lot of good memories. So....go camping in a tent and go to the bathroom all by yourself (use a flashlight)in the middle of the night. It will be liberating! Take Timmy too...not to the bathroom...camping. No matter how much work it is there will be so many wonderful memories, you will be glad you went.

Tracy said...

Yep - I've had the same thoughts about camping and safety! Its a Mom thing - once you bear a child your mind goes rampant with danger possibilities (at least in my case - ha!- maybe I've just gone crazy). But seriously, I do think God made us that way. But I try to evaluate each danger with a rational mind. Hey, just wait until when he starts swimming, shooting BB guns, riding his bike like a madman, climbing trees - the possibilities for "mother worry" are endless. :)

P.S. We waited until are kids were about 4 yrs old to take them camping - seemed ready about then.

Tori :) said...

That is the exact same reason I don't like camping- it scares me!! I saw a thing on America's Most Wanted about a girl kidnapped right out of her tent- the man cut thru it. It scared me to death!! And then there is bears, mountain lions, lonely mountain men...

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Oh great! And we're planning on going camping this summer! And to think the only thing I was concerned with was lack of sleep. ARG! ;-)

Chrissy said...

Thanks for your comments! I will msot likely camp again.
Stacy, I'm pretty sure I will not go to the bathroom by myself - that's too far outside my comfort zone.
Tracy, my dear child already does things like a madman, so I can imagine what's facing me in the future. I'm guessing I will be saying a lot of spur of the moment prayers for safety!
Tori - this is my point exactly! I mean campgrounds are a haven for crazy people.
Melissa, ignore the crazy with worry girl behind the blog!

Treasure Station said...

Listen to your Mother.... Once you get over the initial fears camping provides the best memories for children and the family as a whole. My biggest fear was letting my children go to the outhouse when you are camping without plumbing. When their bottoms are so little I used to worry about them falling in the pit under the outhouse.. Could you jump in the pit and save them of course, but it gives you something to think about. That is the reason I made my husband buy a portable toilet for the closet in our first camper.
I am a true believer in the fully equipped RV.
Go camping, it is the best.