Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Perfection

I only wish I had my camera with me outside this weekend. The weather was absolutely fabulous. It was, witout a doubt, the first great weekend we have had this Spring. It was one of those weekends where you wanted to get outside and start planting. The folks at Home Depot wanted us to too - they were offering sales on their plants as a celebration of Earth Day. How kind of them. Unfortunately, I have learned that you really shouldn't put anything in the ground before mid-May around here. Lest, they be destroyed by the evil spring frost.

We moved into the house we built in the Fall, but didn't do anything other than grass to the outside. This weekend, we spent a great deal of time outside removing rocks from our furture gardens, and sticks from the grass. Timmy, the little prince that he is, was all too happy to help. He shoveled his fair share of rocks, until he discovered that he is finally tall enough to reach the doorbell. He spent a great deal of time running between the two doorbells, ringing them and then pronouncing that "no one is home." It was actually pretty stickin' cute!

Anyway, I am filled with hope for our eventual gardens. We already have some dwarf everygreens planted in front of our porch, but we need to fill in between them. My goal is to do shrub roses, but that doesn't look like it will happen this year. This year we will put some annuals in the ground, and go for the big money items next year (this is when we will have struck it rich by playing the lottery - yeah, that reminds me...put lottery playing on the to-do list). We will also get some tomatoes and cucumbers in the ground. I am really hopig to get some boysenberries planted, soI can show these locals what a delicious berry it is!

In addition to all of this, Timmy got sunglasses this weekend. The kid flips out when the sun hits his eyes. When I say flip out, I really really mean it. He goes into a fit of temper - screaming, kicking, hitting - the whole nine yards! The usually happens while we are driving down the road. I asked his pediatrician about it (hey, I am first time mom, I worry that something could be terribly wrong). Apparently, this is a normal reaction and he just needs to learn to deal with it. So, I bought the little shades of the window (again). He id just what I knew he would - he ripped it right off the window. Then I tried the calm approach, "cover your eyes, baby." Then I tried the screaming version of cover your eyes...none of these things worked. So, I bought a pair of $5 Cars sunglasses at Wal-Mart. Oh, thank goodness for the invention of sunglasses. He wore them all weekend. Not only that, but as we were getting ready to go this morning, he announced that he needed his hat and his glasses. He wore ths glasses the entire half hour ride to daycare this morning.


Editor, Family Times said...

It was a GREAT weekend !I won't mention the weather today though, I know how tough it can be to be inside on a nice day. Actually it is too hot today...there....that should help you!:) I am excited for your boysenberries...I had a boysenberry pie once...or...was it poisenberry...

Tracy said...

It was beeee-autiful here too! I'm glad you enjoyed the wonderful weather will your little guy. :)