Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Since returning to work, I have been wearing knee high stockings most days. Timmy is fascinated with them. He laughs when he watches me put them on and chants, "more, more, more!"

Timmy watched me take them off last night. I left the room, and he stayed behind entertaining himself.

He joined me a few minutes later with his socks off and the stockings in his hands. He said to me, "Timmy put on." Okay, little man, whatever you say. I put them on him and he walked around in them for a few minutes. I got them off of him eventually and threw them in the laundry.

Well, when Daddy came home, Timmy just had to show him the fun new thing he wore. I put them back on him, then he paraded around for Daddy.

Todd was not impressed. He begged me to never put the stockings on him again! What's the problem???


Oh, The Joys said...

Aw, so cute. Now he just needs some high heels and nail polish -- just like The Mayor!

MamaLee said...

My hubby doesn't like that stuff either.

Buy him lots of pinkkkkkkkkkkk clothes!