Sunday, May 27, 2007

Customer Relationship Software

When making the decision to return to work a few months ago, I was approached by a friend of mine about doing a sales job. She has been doing sales for several years now, and really really loves it. She has been at her current job for about 5 months and has already been promoted to working with the president of the company - she's that good! I wondered whether it was for me. I found myself wondering if I had what it takes to make the sale, to keep people interested, to keep people engaged, to avoid lost calls, to make the actual sale.

AIMpromote has improved their CRM Software, crm will successfully make those worries go away for sales people. This new software is amazingly simple to use. It lets you focus more on making sales than on learning the new software. One feature that I think the sales force will find particularly interesting is the Lead Attention Meter. 80% of lost calls can be blamed on lead neglect, so this will help alleviate some of that lost call volume by focusing an attention meter on all "open" calls.

I have seen enough to recommend this product to my friend. She works with the big boss, so if she can recommend something great they will view her with a more positive light than they already do.

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