Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Morning Routine

Every weekday morning, I follow the same routine with Timmy. I love routines, so I am creating a very regimented child - good or bad, it's what I have created.

This morning:
Alarm goes off at 5:30 and Todd stumbles out of bed.
5:45 - I drag myself out of bed and manage to kiss Todd goodbye before I step into the shower. I manage to shower, put on makeup and dry my hair within a 30-35 time span.
6:20 - I head downstairs to pack lunches, peel and apple for the ride home with Timmy, and put in a load of laundry.
6:30 - I go back upstairs with the intention of reading a book I am supposed to review on May 15th - that didn't happen. I looked in them mirror and realized my hair looked terrible. I spent the next few minutes messing with it - results were still not satisfactory.
6:38 - time for local on the 8's on the weather channel. I really needed to know whether or not Timmy should be dressed in short sleeves today.
6:45 - Wake the little man up.
6:46 - Back to my bed for a snuggle and some milk all while watching Jo Jo's circus.
6:57 - conversation with Timmy
Me: Are you ready to go poop on the potty?
Timmy: No. Stay here mommy.
Me: Um, no. It's time to poop on the potty.
Timmy: No. Watch monkey George.
Me: Curious George the Monkey isn't on yet because George is going Poopon his potty.
Timmy: no words, just considering.
Me: Are you ready to go poop on the potty like George?
Timmy: Uh Huh.
Me: Great, let's go poop.
walk to the bathroom & Timmy takes care of his...ahem.....business.
Me: All done?
Timmy: Stay on potty. George.
Me: I bet George is done and waiting for you.

Nrmally, I do not need to resort to such antics to get a morning regular out of the way, but this morning was different. Is it bad that I used the friendly little monkey?


Toni said...

Use whatever works for you! When i was potty training my two, I would have stood on my head if it would have helped!

Rebecca said...

LOL!!! That reminds me of something my benny did: http://bennyandyeva.blogspot.com/2007/03/mickey-mouse-saga.html