Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Mulching We Will Go

We had a huge pile of mulch delivered yesterday. When I say huge, I mean really, really big. Apparently it was delivered in a dump truck, and the truck was full.
Timmy and I were left to our own devices last night; Todd had to run off to his monthly planning board meeting right after our dinner. Dreading the thought of spending 2 hours inside, with no back up help, sent me into a let's mulch mood. It's rare for me to have a let's mulch mood. I mean, really, how normal is that mood? I am actually working on improving my gardening moods in general. We have a huge yard now, and we have room for a lot of gardens.

This time around, I won't have Roger Cook from This Old House helping me out. That's right folks, we were on Ask This Old House in the Fall of 2004.
That being said, I decided it would be better to go outside and play with mulch than try to find entertainment indoors! Timmy had a great time "helping." He actually was helpful when it came to putting mulch in the wheel barrel. Okay, helpful is a strong word. I mean what good can a tiny plastic shovel really do when filling an entire wheel barrel? It was when it came to spreading it the gardens that he lost focus. He somehow could not grasp the concept of spreading; he was still stuck on putting the mulch in the wheel barrel. fast as he could, but not faster than me, he was putting mulch back in the wheel barrel after I had already spread it around the gardens. It was actually pretty comical. Amazingly enough, I was able to get quite a bit done...and we had fun!


Tracy said...

NO WAY!!! Brian and I LOVE "This Old House"! We enjoy watching it on Sat. mornings on PBS. What did you have done in your yard - maybe I will remember the show?

Toni said...

Hummmm that looks like work. I am trying to avoid that right now. But you have fun with it!

Elle said...

LOL oh man... we have a lot of yard work to do this year. At least you got to haul mulch. We're doing river wash stone around the entire permiter of our fence. Send me motrin now for the back pain.