Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bidding Fun!

I ran across a site, Bid4Prizes and thought it was very cool. They have all sorts of items up for bid, and here's the great part. The lowest unique bid wins the prize. The lowest unique bid is actually the lowest bid that no one else listed as a bid. It could be $1.53 or it could be $513.78. It's pretty cool the way it all works.

Prizes include televisions, trips and even cars! If I were to play, I would have to say that a trip would be the top on my list. A trip to Italy would be my most ideal prize to bid on. My mid is spinning at what I would be as a low price or even what I would do if I actually won! I think, I would try something insanely low, like $173.24. I mean, really, how many other people are going to bid that price??? Of course, then I would be driving myself crazy thinkingI bid too much!

Check it out!!! bid4prizes

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