Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday Night

It's 8:55pm and I am just now sitting down! Nights like this make me want to crawl into bed and pray for sleep to come quickly. I am crazy tired.

I didn't have internet access at work today, so I wasn't able to post until tonight...and, horror of all horrors, did not read any blogs. I missed my blogging friends today, and will do my best to catch up tonight.

Todd was at a conference in Manchester today, so he didn't get home until 6:45. At that point, Timmy was in the throes of a bath, then it was lotion and jammie time, then milk, then stories and bed time. Following that, I finally ate dinner. Nothing exciting, just marinated chicken and a quick pasta salad.

I watched the last 15 minutes of Days of our Lives, on Soap TV, while I was eating. Of course, Todd gave me a hard time for doing so...but, I need a break from reality occasionally, so c'mon let me indulge in the soaps! As far as I am concerned, I think watching cars race around in circles every Sunday on a little thing called NASCAR is pathetic. I think my soaps and his nascar make us even as far as terrible programing and mind numbing television goes!

Tomorrow is our weekly Wednesday night dinner, so I not only made the marinade for the chicken tacos, but I cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom. Todd, a good husband, helped in the cleaning effort by picking up a few odds and ends in the kitchen then straightening the never ending toy mess. Now, as I type this...I am waiting for the laundry to finish so I can fold it and head upstairs to the land of slumber.

Am secretly looking forward to wordless wednesday!


Toni said...

Sorry to hear you had such a hum drum day- maybe tomorrow you will have internet at work so you can do the important stuff- BLOG!

Jenny said...

With everything you do all day, I think you're entitled to 15 minutes of mind-numbing TV!