Friday, June 15, 2007

Dreaming of a Vacation

I moved to MA from California in 1999, when I was a 25 year old. I was dreaming of city life and thinking I had nothing to lose. I do not regret my move one little bit. I do, however, miss my family enormously. I think I cried at least once per week for a year - I kid you not. Because I am so close to my family and because I miss them so much, every vacation I have taken for the past 8 years has been to California. I love the opportunity to see my family, but boy do I need a vacation that includes hotels, room service, choosing restaurants, cafes, and street vendors for all my nourishment, souvenirs, memories of different places around our beautiful country, and the culture and sights of other countries.

In one short month, Todd and I will have our 7 year wedding anniversary. Just a couple of nights ago, we talked about needing to do something really special for our 10 year anniversary. Given our financial state, it's wise for us to begin the planning of that now. Todd suggested Italy! We wanted to do Italy for our honeymoon, but Todd's treatments prevented a trip that required a lot of walking and general activity. So, Italy for our 10 year anniversary is a perfect idea.

I found the perfect site for planning vacations, Cheap Hotels. Their site is called Cheap Hotels, but I can safely say that they do a lot more than just search for cheap hotel deals for their online customers. You can plan an entire vacation, flight, car and hotel, from this site.

When Todd told me about Italy, I began searching right away (it's just how I operate - give me an idea that I love and I run with it - no matter that it's 3 years away). I searched all the major discount travel sites online - you know the ones (think television commercials. None of them compared to what I found on Cheap Hotels. I searched for a 2 week (yep, 14 days) vacation, hotel and flight and found prices to be at $6,000 or less for the whole shibang - this included 4 star hotels! I did the same search with the other sites, and found didn't find anything that could even touch it!

Even though my trip is not slated to happen for 3 years, you can bet I will be using Cheap Hotels to plan my trip!

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Treasure Station said...

Hmmmmm, I am thinking my vacation is planned for 2010 also..... Not sure what makes me think that??? It does sound like Grandpa and Grandma will be having a great time too, perhaps to Bar Harbor in the RV with Timmy, now that sounds like fun.