Friday, June 15, 2007

Blogger Break

I took a self-imposed blogger break. This week was not the best week for me. I was feeling down, and not in the mood to write at all couldn't think of anything worth while to say.
With one wipe of the toilet paper Monday morning, my dreams of pregnancy we dashed. It's been a long 18 months of nothing but hoping. This, my fellow members of the blogosphere, sent me into a bit of a emotional state. Even as I write this, I am feeling a bit weepy.

Onward to Tuesday. Upon picking Timmy up, they tell me that he was "sad" all day. Sad??? Hmmm. Well, maybe he didn't feel good. I pretty much just blew it off - well, maybe I didn't blow it off, because I concentrated on it the whole drive home and spent the evening playing with him at full force to make sure he wasn't sad while at home with Mommy and Daddy. Wednesday afternoon - same thing! Thursday afternoon, yep...he's still a little sad. Friday afternoon - he had his sad moments. How???? What is going on????? Does my toddler need therapy at the ripe ole' age of 2? I'm kidding about the therapy, well...No, seriously. I don't think he needs therapy, but I do wonder what's going on that's making him "sad."

There you have it my friends, the feeling kinda "sad" myself week of mine. I've allowed myself 5 days to wallow in self-pity, now it's time to break out of it.


MamaLee said...

Thinking of you.........


Toni said...

He may be picking up on your mood- mine do at 5 and 13! Hope it gets better! ♥ ♥ ♥

Treasure Station said...

I am sure you made him cheer up this weekend and he will be his little happy self this week.