Monday, June 18, 2007


Over the past week has has started dropping the "my" from Mommy. Excuse me??? Why is that happening so early. He only switched over from Mama a couple of months ago; now, all of the sudden, he is calling me Mom. I don't really think I like this change of events. I enjoyed the momminess of it all, and was hoping to for quite some time.

We had parties to go to both days over the weekend. At the first party, I brought Timmy a cupcake (his own little egg free delight). Todd was in charge of carrying in the food. He set down the kielbasa and the cupcake on the deck railing and walked away from it. 3 hours later, Timmy was happily playing, when I said to him, "Do you want a cupcake?" His little eyes lit up and he said, "uh huh; cupcake!" Can you feel where I am going with this? I went to get the cupcake for him, and guess what - it was gone. Someone ate Timmy's cupcake. There were many different delicious dessert options to choose from, but someone just had to eat the lone cupcake in a little ziploc container. When I discovered this, I was hating life knowing that I had to go back and disappoint my little man. I just knew he would be upset and carry on. He, however, surprised me. He took it like a champ. He asked me about it a couple of times, but there weren't any tears shed - just a simple annoyance that went away.

At the other party, we were talking about children. A soon to be mommy, whose having a boy, said she was happy with having a boy, but she just hoped he didn't turn out to be a mama's boy - I think Chrissy has one of those. WHAT??? This bothered me. I think the assumption that Timmy is a mama's boy is being made on the fact that he was seriously clingy for the first 1-2 months of daycare. On the other hand, maybe he is a mama's boy. In his defense, however, I did stay home with him for 2 years. Being with your mommy for 2 whole years, every single day, is bound to make you a bit of a mama's boy. Should this bother me or is the fact that it is bothering me a deep seeded gender stereotype that men should be tough?


Anonymous said...

You know, I wouldn't let that comment bother you. Kids grow up so fast, and your son will be busy with all sorts of things soon enough. I enjoy having my kids being a little clingy.

Mom Tu-Tu said...

There is nothing wrong with a momma's boy! My son sadly outgrew it a few months ago and is now totally daddy's boy. They grow up too fast!

Anonymous said...

Mommy, Mama, Mom...wait until he starts in with Mother. *cringes*

Let your Timmy be a momma's boy and enjoy it while it lasts.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

I *love* that Jacob is a mama's boy! The other night he was SO mad and said, "I don't like anyone except mommy!" Hee hee!

Timmy is fine - let him cling to you and you to him, as long as you both need each other.

Your Mother said...

Timmy is "All Boy" and that is a good thing, and he loves his Mommy and that is the best thing! The poor mommy to be will soon know what she is talking about and I hope she has a mommy's boy too. Remember to "Smile Sweetly, Agree Completley, and Do as You Please!"

Anonymous said...

Awww!! The mommy thing ends way too soon doesn't it?? I feel for ya.

As for the mama's boy thing - consider the source. A 21-year-old mom of a 4-month-old told me (a 29-year-old mom of a 10-year-old and 1-year-old) that my daughter was going to be a clingy little brat since I went to her when she cried until she was 6-months-old. OK, whatever.

Like you said, you were home with him for 2 years, of course he's going to be attached to you. And there's nothing wrong with that. It's only bad to have a mama's boy who's over 21. LOL