Sunday, June 3, 2007

Pay Per Post Direct

Just about a month ago I started to make money blogging with PayPerPost. It has been fabulous, as I am all about making a little extra money. All I had to do was review someone's blog, and I was hooked. It's fantastic that I can advertise for things that interest me and only me.

Well, PayPerPost has done it again! They have come up with another great way to make money blogging. They have launched PayPerPost direct. It allows you to put a simple widget on your blog, which allows sponsors to contract with you directly. The amount for your advertising and what they specifically want will be discussed between you, the blogger, and the sponsor. What this means is, the ads that you write can be even more geared towards your interest because the sponsor has come directly to your blog and likes what it is about, and sees that it fits their current advertising needs.

There are competing services out there that offer similar arrangements, but in the end you make less money with these competitors to PayPerPost Direct. PayPerPost Direct offers takes a much smaller fee, only 10%, 5% of which goes directly to paypal fees. Competitors like ReviewMe marks posts up 50%-100%! Why would you go with them as your direct source to for advertising, when they are taking half your money (at the very least)? It doesn't make sense that you would allow a third party mediator 50%-100% of the agreed upon fees so that you can write an ad for which the sponsor contacted you directly.

I like the idea of sponsors contacting me directly to adevertise their products or websites, and I like the idea of allowing PayPerPost Direct to be the middle man and only take 10% (5% of which goes to paypal fees) even better. That leaves the hard work to PayPerPost Direct (money transferring, tax reporting...)and the fun of writing to me.

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