Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 Amazing Blessings I thank God for each day.
1) My husband: who is so talented and so dedicated.
2) My son: who never ceases to amaze, humor, entertain and love me with all his heart.
3) My parents: who are the best example of the kind of parent I want us to be.
4) My Mom: who has become one of my best friends and who loves me like no other.
5) Todd's Family: Who has given to us so much and who have been so generous with their time.
6) Our home: which is more than I ever hoped it could be.
7) My friends: who laugh with me, complain with me, have fun with me and cry with me.
8) The opportunity to live in NH: which proved to be just what we needed to slow our lives down.
9) The healing of my husband's body: his cancer at such a young age and young stage in our relationship was a test of strength.
10) My own and Timmy's health
11) The financial ability to afford what we do.
12) Our jobs and the people we work with.
13) The positive attitude that makes me look at each day with fresh eyes.


Anonymous said...

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Vic Grace said...

Best decision you have ever made. I did the same plus homeschooled them. It was worth it

Toni said...

Makes you stop and realize that we all need to be a little more thankful for what we do have! Great T13!

Todd said...

Thanks babe....I love you.