Friday, October 5, 2007

Name the Baby

Our first child was so easy to name - the name Timothy came to us, without hesitation, when he was a mere twinkle in our eyes. This baby is a completely different story. I have a whole list of girl names, but boy names are giving us trouble. I have names that I absolutely love, but Todd is not crazy about any of them. He says he can't wrap his mind around a name for this one. What's going on???

A few nights ago we were having the name discussion yet again. I said, hey Timothy is a book in the Bible and it means to honor God. Wouldn't it be great to give the next baby, should it be a boy, a book in the Bible name? We went through the basics and have reasons for not using Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. Matthew is the name of my mother-in-law's son. We have friends with a son name Luke (are you reading this Stacy?) and neither of us are crazy about Mark or John. So, I looked at the others. There are two that could be: Joshua and Samuel. Sameul is the name of our neighbors' new son, so I don't feel comfortable with that. Todd loves it. I like Joshua; Todd thinks it's "gay." Nice, huh?

I decided to continue to search the Bible for jsut a Biblical name. When I decided to do that, upon opening the Bible, it opened to the book of Joshua. It opened to a page that had a newspaper clipping with Todd's mother's picture; it was an announcement for the marriage of his mom and dad. In addition to the clipping there was a note care from Todd's mom's funeral. Well, in my mind, this is a sign that Todd's mom thinks we should name this child Joshua, should it be a boy (I am, also, convinced it's a boy now - just because of this - a fellow blogger, can't remember who now, wrote a blog about a soul nursery, so of course I believe that the child I am carrying was in that soul nursery and has already had the pleasure of meeting Todd's mom and has been rocked in her arms - gosh, wish I could give credit to the author of that blog - maybe Jenny?)
Anyway, sorry for the digression - I think it should be Joshua. Todd's not convinced it was a sign. Maybe he'll come around!

Edited - I found the the lovely story, Little Soul Nursery, which was written by Jenny!

In the meantime, I am open to boy name suggestions. Anyone????


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you guys!! Really missed ya too - glad you're back.

We had the same problem. Instant agreement on naming our daughter, nothing but disagreement this time. I picked out a bunch of girl names, but only liked one boy name. Turns out it's a boy, and my hubby finally agreed to the name I like. I'm going to post it later this week, probably.

I really like the name Joshua, too, and I would definitely take it as a sign that that's what you're supposed to name the baby. Glad you so liked my story, BTW. :o)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you the other name considerations for my son. We named him Joseph James, so there's two Bible names for you. The other ones I liked were Joel, Josiah, Micah, Benjamin and Isaac. I actually really liked Micah Benjamin, too.

I know you're on Joshua, and I don't blame you. Hope your hubby agrees, but if not, good luck!

Eva said...

I like Biblical names too (although you can't tell that by Gannon and Acadia!). We like the names Levi and Micah, plus a couple more that my hubby likes that I don't. Jerub, for one.

Rayven said...

I don't think Joshua sounds "gay". Men can be so funny sometimes.

I had the same problem with my son's name. We could not come up with a middle name, but finally fell in love with "Joseph".

When I was preggers for my daughter, we never did come up with a boy's name. I think the difficulty in picking a boys name played some part in me deciding not to have any more children!

Hopefully he will come around soon. Though, I did have friends who did not decide the names of their boy/girl twins until they were 3 days old and the birth registry lady camped out in their hospital room!

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HH said...

what about josiah, jedediah, adam, elijah (is becoming more popular), aaron, jonathan, jesse, benjamin, joash, malacai, jeremiah. these are just a few. sounds as if you really like joshua which is a nice name as well. well, happy choosing.