Monday, November 5, 2007


A co-worker loaned me Confessions of a Slacker Mom, by Muffy Mead-Ferro. I’m enjoying the book and feeling far less guilty now for not enjoying the scrap-booking craze that seems to have swept the nation. I have spent the past 2.5 years of Timmy’s life feeling like a complete failure for not putting together a fabulous scrap book to capture every teeny tiny moment of his life – from his first tummy time to his first cereal to his first bump on the head. It’s not that I don’t have photos of these occasions, I do – it’s that I can’t manage to upload them to Wal-Mart and print them; let alone buy a scrap book, buy all the accoutrements that make a fabulous scrap book, then sit down and find the time to put it all together in some sort of clever fashion.

What happened to the days of simple photo albums? There’s all this talk of acid free and preserving your photos, but I have photos that are many decades old that still look good to me. Did it ever occur to anyone that these photos from decades ago may not look super b/c the technology and photo paper used back then was not as good as it is now? It seems to me all this acid free stuff is a money making scheme.

Having said all of this, let me clarify something for all you scrap-bookers out there that are annoyed with me. I enjoy your scrapbooks. I love looking at the beautiful creations and talent you have put into them. I have many friends who enjoy spending time on scrapbooks, and I applaud their effort. In many ways, I am jealous that I don’t have the desire to do it. My ranting here is my feeble attempt at making myself feel better at my lack of desire.

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