Monday, January 28, 2008

A Funny from Little Man

A little bit of funny from the little man's teacher.

Miss E: "I meant to tell you this yesterday, but things were crazy"
My thoughts: Oh crap; what did he do?
Miss E: "Timmy said the funniest thing to me in the bathroom. I usually sit on the floor when I take him into the bathroom, but yesterday I squatted. When I squatted down, my pants split. Timmy said to me, "Uh -oh. That's not going to work." He says the funniest things to me."
Me: "Yep. He's got some whoppers."

I left thinking, I have an insightful kid who has the ability to make people laugh. Everyday is a fun experience with him. Thank goodness he didn't say to her, "That sucks!"


Life As I Know It said...

Aw, cute!
Funny little boy you have!

Rebecca said...

How funny! He really is insightful!

twinklemom said...

That is So sweet...the best thing to about children are the fact they are visual reminders of hope, love and reminder to laugh...which reminds me...after you finish laughing...I've tagged you on my post:

to participate in a cute meme...and *cue ducking behind the couch to hide* Lol!

Have a Blessed filled day!