Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ladybug Nursery

The nursery is finally done and awaiting the arrival of our little one. I went with a ladybug theme. Surprisingly, it was more difficult than I thought to find ladybug items. I'm still on the hunt for ladybug knick-knacks, but I guess I can pick them up as I see them.

The room was already painted a light green. The hubs installed a chair rail and painted the top part of the room pink. The bedding I chose was picked from several choices online - I thought it had pink in it, but I was wrong. What looks pink online is a small red gingham check. I decided to heck with it and went with a pink paint anyway.

The furniture is from Timmy's nursery, and it still in good condition (aside from a few bite marks on the crib - do they all do that?).

Aside from the ladybugs, she's got her requisite pink Red Sox hat and a couple of girlie frogs in the room. If she's gonna be my daughter she's gonna need a frog or two. If she's gonna be the hubs daughter, she's gotta have just a tad bit of Red Sox Nation.
All that's left to do is wait and wait some more. 3 more weeks, as of today...but whose counting. I pray that it won't be 5 weeks!


Rebecca said...

Wow! It's like something out of a magazine - totally BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the ladybug theme! I also hung the quilt above the crib - it looks so nice like that! Great job!

Oh, and yep, they all bite on the crib (well, at least my two did, LOL!)

twinklemom said...

That's just TOO adorable!

I love that...Birthday express has a ladybug theme for birthdays if you want to do that for her first birthday.

I just love that and beautiful furniture!!

amanda said...

What a beautiful room! :) Have you guys decided on a name yet? Looking forward to the annoucement when your little one arrives! Hope all is well.

Ladybug's Picnic said...

How adorable! When are you due? We are moving in about 6 weeks and so my new baby's nursery won't be set up until then at the earliest!

This will be the third go-around for our nursery furniture. I think yours looks fantastic!

Amber said...

Ladybugs sound so cute!!

Eva said...

What a beautiful nursery! I was scrolling through my posts on google reader and yours came up. I thought it was from this other blog I read, one that posts cool-ly designed stuff found online. I thought your nursery pictures were an advertisement!

Then, of course, I read the title and saw it was you.

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

It looks lovely!

Fratzels said...

You all are very kind! We had fun with this nursery. We were starting with a blank room that was set-aside in our new house as an eventual nursery. It's been sitting empty for over a year and now we got a chance to go nuts!
I have such a boys' boy, that I wanted to go really girly - well, as girlie as I can get - I went all out with the pink, b/c I the hubs "let" me. When we first moved in, he said he would never have a pink room - when he saw that we were having a little girl, his heart softened (if you ask me, it was her first step at wrapping him around her finger and being a daddy's girl)!

twinklemom said...

Lol..sounds like was anything but pink and now her room is a "Cinderella pink"..come to think of majority pink...all this from a guy that said it wouldn't happen to him. LOL

They definetely have daddy's fingers wrapped from that first moment onward...*Hugs* congrats

Christine said...

Oh wow! That's just gorgeous. Love it and love your blog. :-)

Teri Kathleen said...

It looks so nice!!!!!!!!!! I'll post pic's of Kayley's room when I get done with this comment.

Oh, gotta rub it in just in case you haven't seen it yet at my blog. I'm getting induced a week early!! Only 9 more days for me!!! :-D

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