Friday, February 22, 2008

So I wrote about the bad side of pregnancy recently, now I feel it's only fair to share with you how this pregnancy is really going. With 3.5 weeks to go (hopefully not more than that, anyway) this pregnancy has been pretty great. The list I provided before was really a combination of the two pregnancies and this current one has given me very little to complain about.

Last time around, I gained 40 pounds. This time around, I am still down 2 from my starting weight. I'm not trying to lose weight, it's just happening. If my doctor saw the amount of junk I put it my body, she would be shocked! The thing is, most carbs aren't appealing to me. I only like my vegetables raw at this point, and the thought of fried food sends me into orbit. Most meat, too, is not appealing to me. I can choke down a few bites, but then reach my limit. M&Ms on the other hand seem to satisfy me - oh and I also love funyuns. Neither good for me or doing anything to add to my nutritional needs each day. Right now, I weigh about 18 pounds less than I did when I delivered Timmy. Amazingly enough, however...

The girls have not changed in size. If anything, they have grown. Button up shirts that I wore at the end of my last pregnancy are gaping at my chest this time around. The hubs considers this a good thing (even though it's a viewing only show right now) - I find it rather annoying. I don't need anything extra up top - believe me!

My appendages have not swollen up. My feet are not the size of a 500 pound woman's feet this time around. Amazingly enough, my feet are just as dainty as ever (I say dainty b/c they are about the only dainty thing on me). I didn't go up a shoe size this time either - this is great! In addition, I still have my wedding ring on. Last time around, the ring went at about 5 months preggo!

My asthma has not been giving me a problem at all. As a matter of fact, one of the inhalers I take to controller hasn't been touched in weeks. Last time around, I ended up in the ER and on steriods to control it. Prior to either pregnancy, I did all kinds of research on asthma and pregnancy. It appears that 33% get better, 33% stay the same and 33% get worse. I've done 2 of the three.

My comfort level is not terribly bad. My hips aches sometimes and I put a pillow under my belly at night, but other than that - I'm good.

I will say this, my anxiety level has not changed. I still spend many hours praying and hoping that everything is okay with this little girl. On Wednesday, I called my doctor b/c I had bad cramping and hadn't felt the baby move for awhile. They took me in for a non-stress test and everything was fine - the baby actually got the hiccups as soon as they hooked me up to the monitor. The unknown is very difficult, as I am sure it is for everyone. I have never been very good at relaxing and going with the flow, so doing that when it comes to the baby I am carrying around is just not gonna happen!

With the exception of the first trimester, this pregnancy has been much better. I was so super sick for 12 weeks that I was sure this pregnancy was bound to worse than the first. I was wrong. This one has gone very smoothly. The only thing left now is the waiting anxiously for her to make her arrival.


twinklemom said...

*Hugs* You and the baby are in my prayers! I'm so excited for you!

Jenny said...

I can't believe it's only 3 more weeks (or so)!! I'm sure you feel like she should have been here for 3 weeks by now, but that's understandable! LOL! I am glad you have had a relatively easy pregnancy. Uneventful is good!

And I love the name!! It's so pretty!

It is hard not to worry, but everything will be okay. You'll have a beautiful, healthy baby girl here before you know it!


emily said...

I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to hear the news of the arrival! Everything is going to go great!

Elle said...

Can't believe you are almost there!!!! WOOOT!