Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pretty Mom MeMe

Burg tagged me for this MeMe. I can't resist a good MeMe and this one is a tad more thought provoking!

So, the rules:
Start off by writing 5 "Before I was a mom" statements, then tag 5 more moms..
If you're tagged, you have to tag 5 pretty Moms, including the one who thought of you today & sent it to you. The idea is that if you get tagged again, you will know you are really pretty!
Add your name at the bottom of the tagged persons list, and without bumping the person at the top or bumping anyone off, let the list grow. Hit 5 pretty moms on your list to let them know they are pretty!

Before I was a mom, I didn't understand what it was like to love something so deeply and so much. The first mother's day following the birth of my little man, I wept for joy over how much my own Mom loved me and that realization. You just don't know until you have one of your own.

Before I was a mom, I didn't know what it was like to be responsible for the physical and mental safety of another person. Now, keeping my little man safe consumes a great deal of my thoughts, time and energy.

Before I was a mom, I didn't give much thought to my words or actions. Now, I think about everything I say and do and hope and pray that I am having a positive influence on my little man's life.

Before I was a mom, I didn't realize that many blessings in my life. Now I look at my life and thank the good Lord for everything in it - from the smallest of things to the very large!
Before I was a mom, I wasn't afraid of dying. Now, I am afraid of not being there for my little man and his newly arriving sister. The thought of something happening to me takes over my thoughts on occasion and overwhelms me with sorrow.

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I'm tagging: I'm not going to tag anyone. I don't want anyone to feel pressure to complete this. I will say, however, it's one of the better MeMe's I have seen. It really causes you to pause and think.

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