Monday, February 18, 2008

Land of the Living

Being among the land of the living is a wonderful place to be! I started feeling better again yesterday. I'm not completely up to par, but am feeling so much better than I was. I said to the hubs whilst in the middle of the whole thing...I had better not go into labor, I don't think I have the energy to push out a kid!

Whilst sick, we had a new addition to our family. My brother-in-law and his girlfriend had an adorable little girl, Colbie. Mom was due 1 week before me, but had her 5 weeks early. She spent some time in the intensive care nursery, but is home now and doing well. I saw her the day she was born, but have not seen her since - which is killing me! It was surreal to see her and have the nurse say to me, "So...this is what the baby inside of you looks like right now." Yikes - wake up call that I am not ready for this to happen. I hope to be feeling better soon enough to spend some snuggle time with her.

There were also two showers for me, while I was down and out. One at home by a very dear friend. I have only a small handful of friends in NH, so the shower was small and nice. It was a jack and jill shower with kids - so it was a good time for all. The hubs was on camera duty, which meant we had a total of 3 pictures for the entire event and two of them were focused on Timmy! The other shower was given at work. I was overwhelmed at both showers by the kindness and generiousity of my friends and co-workers. My family really is blessed in so many ways.

Lastly...I did somethign I never thought I would do....I agreed to buy a minivan! YIKES!!!! More about this in another post.


Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better! And I am really happy to hear the showers went well :)

I too want a minivan - only I didn't have to agree, I just keep asking - one day I am sure it will happen, LOL!

twinklemom said...

Yeah!! Welcome back to the land of the great to see you are feeling better!

Blessed Nest said...

glad you are feeling better. I have been thinking about you, wondering how you were and now I know. yikes. Pregnant and sick. not fun. Feel 100% soon!