Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

This really isn't a wordless wednesday post, because I actually have something to say. This needlepoint or cross stitch (not sure which b/c I am not crafty) was done by my Great Grandmother when my Mom was born. She was my Mom's Mom's Mom (got that?). She was the only great grandparent that I was blessed to know well. I grew up with her only a few blocks from my house. Everytime I went to her house, it smelled of something baking - like all grandmothers' homes should. She used to give me warm milk with freshly grated nutmeg. We used to pick fresh figs from the tree in her backyard and eat them with a spoon. We used to pull the honeysuckles off her vine and suck the sweet juice from the end. She had a wonderfully sweet way about her. She passed away when I was in Junior High. I feel blessed to have had so much time with her. I have a few things of hers: a hope chest, a jewlry box and now this lovely prayer that she did over 60 years ago (by the way, she entered it into the county fair and won a prize).

My Mom has had this prayer in her closet for a long time. It's how Timmy and I start our prayer every night, and how I intend to start our evening prayer with the new little one. When I found out I was having a girl, I asked my Mom for it. I brought it home with me following our trip to Cali in November. I soaked in in Oxi-Clean (it was seriously dingy) for few hours, then washed it out by hand. I searcehd high and low for a frame (I finally found a silver one that we primed and painted green) and hung it on the wall in our nursery. I hope it turns into one of those things that can be passed down for many generations. It's such a lovely prayer and piece of art. I hope my daughter appreciates it as much as I do someday.


Emily said...

wow, what an awesome story and an awesome keepsake to have!

Teri Kathleen said...

THat is AWESOME!!! I wish I had something like that. Well, I kinda do, but it's a rocking chair that I doubt will survive to Kayley's kids. It was my mom's mom's mom's too!

(new pic's up on entry about kayley's room...)

Libby said...

hi there! My name is Libby and I found your blog while browsing! I blog alot about my nephew and I believe he is about the same age as your son. Great job with your blog!

Christine said...

Oh my goodness, I haven't thought about honeysuckles in such a long time! Good memories. :-)

You're post and picture are very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Seeing the Prayer Framed and hanging brought tears to my eyes.... Love it and it is a family treasure to be passed down. Thanks, Mom

Treasure Station said...

This brought tears to my eyes, the memories. It looks wonderful in the babies room and is a treasure. Grandma would be proud and thrilled that you love it.