Thursday, February 28, 2008

I laughed so hard...

...I wet my pants. It's true! Last night we were having our weekly Wednesday Night Dinner (which, now that I think of it...I wanted to photo and do a try it tuesday with...but forgot). Like all Wednesday Night Dinners, that topics of conversation turned increasingly funnier throughout the night. I can't tell you what topic we were on (quite frankly my inner blonde has forbid me to remember), but I can tell you I started laughing with a full bladder. Mind you, the full bladder of a 37 weeks preggo woman is not very full, but it was full enough. The conversation that followed went something like this:

Me: "Stop...I'm gonna wet my pants."
Male Guest: "C'mon"
Hubs: "No man; this is serious. She will wet her pants."
Me: Laughed even harder.
Male Guest: Seriously?
Female Guest: Looking on in horror and praying to God she is not like that when she gets pregnant.
Me: Laughing even harder while pee is leaking out. Then trying to compose myself enough to stand and walk 10 feet to the bathroom.
Male Guest: While I was in the bathroom giggling and peeing, "Listen to her giggling in there."
Me: I walked back to the table and notice a small wet spot on the chair - fabulous! I didn't announce it, but got out the cleaner when they left.

Pregnancy is a splendid and miraculous time!


Jenny said...

Oh the joys of pregnancy!

Rebecca said...

Oh yeah! I remember that! LOL!!!