Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Find Worthy of the Princess

I'm so excited about a recent purchase. I have checked out, but have not had a reason to buy anything up until this point. I was searching Etsy a couple of days ago for headbands for Princess. I have never been a huge fan of headbands, but I really think Princess needs something to liven up the area. Not only did I find what I was looking for, I found more than I intended to buy. I got 2 baby bands and an extra bow! Here is one of the baby bands I bought.

When they arrive, I will post pics of Princess wearing them.

The creator of these fine baby bands, who calls herself a Mommyprenuer, was a full-time career woman who left it all behind to be a wife and mother. With the help of her family, she has created a great business. Visit her Etsy Shop gibbygator and her website Rainbow Sherbet Boutique.

I love that I bought something adorable for Princess, but I also love that I bought it from a mom that was able to make staying at home with her children work for her!

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AtomiK Kitten said...

Ahh!! I can't see the picture. :( Try Answered Prayers Boutique on Etsy. She does some really nice things, too. I love etsy! I am glad that you found what you were looking for to decorate the princess. :) My little zoo doesn't like that kind of thing (could be because I'm the only hen in the chicken house...the rest are roosters).