Wednesday, April 23, 2008


We are still in the very long process of toilet training Little Man. We have tried so many things, but now we are taking a more laid back approach. Instead of getting annoyed with accidents (which, by the way, after 6 months is very difficult a task), we are laid back. We typically say, "That's okay. Accidents happen," then enlist his help in the clean up. Because of this new approach, I have taken to putting extra underwear and pants in the vanity drawer of the bathroom we use most during the day.

Today, whilst folding laundry at the counter in the kitchen, I asked Little Man to put a pair of his underwear in the drawer in the bathroom next to his pants. I had a partial view of the bathroom. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him open the bathroom door and throw his underwear inside. I then repeated my directions.

Me: "Little Man, go pick up the underwear and put them in the drawer in the bathroom. Put them next to your pants, please."
Little Man: "They aren't in here, Mommy."
Me: "What do you mean they aren't in there?"
Little Man: "They aren't in here, Mommy."
Me: "Where are they?"
Little Man: "They in the toilet."
Me: "How did that happen?"
Little Man: "I not know. Maybe they like a rocket and shot in there."

Fabulous! If nothing else, he adds humor to my day with his imagination and ability to divert blame elsewhere.

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Debra Lane Designs said...

Came across your blog doing a stay at home mom blog search. Isn't it the best job.

Funny story about the have the ability to think fast don't they!

Just thought I would say hello, have a great weekend.