Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yesterday was quite a day. Little Man was scheduled to have his 3 year old picture taken (I'm only 3 weeks late...pretty good in my mind) in the next town over. Because we were going over there, I decided to run by daycare. I wanted to grab an enrollment packet for Princess and let Little Man say hi to his teachers and friends. This did not go over so well. He hid behind my legs the whole time, letting go briefly to give his teacher a hug. I tried to reassure him that he was not staying, but he was still not letting go of me. He wouldn't say one word to any of his friends. Given the past month with him, it was only slightly heart-wrenching.

We stayed for only a couple of minutes, then went on for picture taking. He was a very good boy and we got several good choices for the package deal. Princess, however, was another story. I nursed her before we left and she should have napped. A 30 minute drive didn't lull her to sleep, so she was awake the whole time. By the end of the photo session, she was screaming. It was very unpleasant. (The only good thing about the experience was that it was in Kmart and I was able to get 12 month sleepers and turtle necks for Princess for next winter.)

We had a 15 minute drive home and it was almost lunch time, so I decided to stop in at the golden arches to get lunch for Little Man - he was so good for his pictures, I thought a treat would be nice...and thus began the downfall of the day. The meal was too hot to eat in the car, which did not go over well. Then, when we got home I requested that he use the bathroom before eating. That didn't go over well either. I was met with a lot of "NO" and crying and carrying on. It was really quite pathetic. This lasted from 12:00 right through to 1:00, when I was thrilled to put him down for his nap.

Upon putting him down for his nap, I requested that he sleep away his crankies. He slept, but his crankies didn't go away. He cried and carried on for the rest of the afternoon right on through to when the Hubs got home. Hubs thought I might be exaggerating and responding to Little Man in a way that showed how little sleep I got the night before. After just an hour of dealing with Little Man, the Hubs was ready to go insane!

Last night was a night for Wednesday Night Dinner, which means a night of slight indulgence. Because that's the case, I went in search of a drink (only 2 hours before our dinner guests arrived, but still after 5:00). I made myself a grape martini and it was delicious. If I weren't more held together than I am, I would have had that grape martini at 1:00, then kept having them right on through Wednesday Night Dinner.

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Queen of the Mayhem said...

I hate days like this! For such little things, they are very intuitive...and once they know they have our is OVER!

Next time...make two and I will come to help you solve ALL your problems! (hee-hee) :)